This measurement unit complements Unit 1 of the Science 21 curriculum and incorporates the use of technology. It can also be used for a review unit in mathematics. The unit will focus on the five different measurements used in Science 21:

  • length/distance
  • mass
  • time
  • temperature
  • volume


There are three separate pieces to this unit. 

  • SMART Board lesson introducing the topic
  • Excel spreadsheet to record students’ foot size and then create a graph
  • Culminating activity in which students teach one of the measurements using Photostory or another media format (i.e., video, podcast, PowerPoint, etc.).


Here are instructions for each of these:

1) SMART Board Lesson - Use the Smartboard lesson to introduce the five measurements.  Embedded in the slides are games to practice each measurement.   There is a Teacher Resource page for additional activities.  Then use the activities in the Science 21 curriculum (eg. Weight a Minute, Over the Top, Hot Spot). 

2) Graphing Activity - A graphing activity using an Excel spreadsheet is provided. When the students are using the “Going to Great Lengths” worksheet, they will measure their foot size in centimeters.  On the Excel spreadsheet template, each student will record their gender (male or female) and their foot size.  Once all the data is entered, a bar graph is automatically generated.  When your spreadsheet is completed, send to lbrandon@lakelandschools.org and each class graph will be posted on the project website.  You can use these graphs to create word problems using comparative language.

3) Culminating Activity – Students will create a Photo Story or video (using one of the five measurements) to teach other students how to use these tools to measure various objects.  Instructions, templates (two versions available for differentiation), a rubric, and a Photo Story model and a video model for the students are provided, as well as teacher instructions for working with Photo Story as well as other media.  Exemplars can be published on school websites. 

Resources for this project:

Examples of Stories

Student Work: