This project, created by first grade teachers, will strengthen descriptive writing and listening skills, while engaging students in a videoconferencing collaboration with another first grade class in the district. This project will take place in the Spring.

Prior to the videoconference, students in each class will complete a shared drawing of a kite, either on chart paper or on the SMART Board. After the kite is drawn, the class will write a descriptive paragraph (as a shared writing exercise) to describe their kite drawing.

Students will be paired with another first grade class at another one of our schools. The two classes will connect via videoconference to share their descriptive paragraph. Class A will first read the description to Class B. Each student will draw the kite based on the description read. After all children have drawn the kite, the original drawing, completed by Class A will be revealed. The students will be able to compare their individual drawings to the original class drawing to see how well they listened and how well Class A described their drawing in the paragraph.

Then the roles will be reversed and Class B will read their description while Class A students draw. Again, they will compare the original to their own drawings.

Student work will be posted on this website on the Student Showcase page.