Each class will be paired with another class in the district and teachers will be notified of their partner class and the time and date of their videoconference with their partner. Ample time will be provided for you to prepare your class drawing.

On the day of the videoconference, each class will have technical support to help with the videoconference.

Guidelines for the drawing and descriptive paragraph:

The kite drawing should not be overly complicated.

    Please keep the kite to a basic shape such as diamond, square, circle, or rectangle. The kite can be one basic shape or a combination of two. Example: just a diamond or a diamond inside a square.

    Options for posting student work:

    There are a number of ways to post the student’s work after the project is complete. Please contact your computer facilitator to help with uploading your class’ work to the district website or your own school site. You may use whichever posting method you are most comfortable with.

    Additional Teacher Resources: