A special thank you is extended to Devin H.
for his support and inspiration.

We also wish to thank the following people for supporting and
helping us during this project.

Our Coaches
Thanks for being the best coaches!
Mrs. Carcova and Mrs. Markowitz

Our Parents
Thanks for always supporting us and getting us to ALL the meetings!
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Lincoln-Titus Elementary School

Thanks for answering all our questions!
Mr. Tricamo - Principal
Mr. DeBenedictis, Ms. Schaffer,
Mrs. Williams, and Ms. Yurish - 5th Grade Teachers
Mr. Mosley - Music Teacher
Mrs. Pietruska - Art Teacher
Ms. Goldstein - Librarian
Mrs. Spreer - Librarian Assistant

Lakeland Central School District

Thanks for your techy help!
Mrs. Brandon - Instructional Technology Training Coordinator
Mr. Townsend - Director of Information Technology
Mr. McNally - Network Specialist
Ms. Travis - Network Specialist
Matt Wiener - Technician

Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School
Thanks for showing us some drawing styles
and letting us borrow your coin collection!
Andrew C.

Thank You Everyone,

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