Definition Poetry

Cold is...
Cold is you, as frozen as an icicle.
Cold is you, sitting inside shivering.
Cold is when all of the ponds turn to ice.
Cold is you, standing still with snow on you.

By Kyle J.

Aggressive is...
Aggressive is my dad trying to do all he can.
Aggressive is trouble trying to ride a bike but just cannot get it right.
Aggressive is fighting, quick to attack or starting a quarrel.
Aggressive is determined to get something right!

By Carly L.

Blue is...
Blue is a feeling when it rains outside and I can't go out.
Blue is a day like this, mushy and wet.
Blue is indoor recess with nothing to do.
Blue is a sad feeling when the sun never comes out.

By Michael K.


Dark is...
Dark is when all your happiness flows away and the dark comes to stay.
Dark is when you get a strange feeling to do something bad.
Dark is when you don't talk.
Dark is when you get very mean and evil inside.

By Tony M.

Mad is...
Mad is anger when you want to beat someone up.
Mad is mean when your face turns red.
Mad is frustrated when you don't want to talk to anybody.
Mad is serious when you say a word in a stern voice.

By Avery T.

Evil is...
Evil is taking things without paying.
Evil is world domination to take over the world.
Evil is destroying something when you are mad.
Evil is surprizising someone who is already upset.

By Kelly D.

Nice is...
Nice is like a heart filled with chocolate.
Nice is like going to a party with your best, best friends.
Nice is like your mom buying you a new outfil with flowers on it.
Nice is like a party, blowing out your birthday candles and wishing on each one.
Nice is like your mom having a baby.
Nice is like when your mom lets you have your first pet.

By Zenyase V.

Scared is...
Scared is a friend sneaking up behind you and scaring you!
Scared is the wind blowing your curtain and making frightening noises.
Scared is Halloween night with skeletons and ghosts waiting to chase you!
Scared is an earthquake, rumbling all over the place!
Scared is when you're lost and nobody can find you.
Scared is when you've done something bad and are going to get in trouble.

By Amanda B.

Dark is...
Dark is someone who is so mad they can't take it.
Dark is when you feel bad for someone.
Dark is like anger through your veins.
Dark is when someone hurts your and you are mad at them.
Dark is when you go from good to bad.
Dark is when you have darkness on your mind.
Dark is when you only have sadness.

By Bobby D.

Embarrassed is...
Embarrassed is people laughing at you when you make a mistake.
Embarrassed is standing there all alone and nobody has your side.
Embarrassed is feeling alone and nobody wants to help you out.
Embarrassed is standing alone not knowing when everybody will stop laughing at you.
Embarrassed is a mistake that people think is funny and you do not.
Embarrassed is a feeling that hurts you inside.

By Felicia C.

Startled is..
Startled is feeling scared when you think you are alone in a dark room but maybe you're not!
Startled is when you are jumpy when someone drops something and it is very loud.
Startled is when you are frightened when someone sneaks up behind you and says "BOO!"
Startled is when you are nervous when you think something is going to happen to you, like fall into a trap.

By Taylor A.

Cold is..
Cold is as frozen as an ice sculpture.
Cold is your bones shivering out of place.
Cold is walking outside in the snow.
Cold is touching ice with no gloves or mittens.

By Sean C.

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