Lakeland District Debate

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Noted Alums 1964-Present

· Peter Keegan, Harvard, PhD
· Joan Tronto, Princeton, PhD
· Lou Rodrigues, Yale, Lawyer
· Bob Samuelson, Mt. Sanai, MD
· Craig Carney, Yale, PhD
· Larry Lindson, Harvard, Presidential Economics Advisor
· Lind Schwartz, Brandeis, economist
· Rich Steinberg, MIT, economist
· Virginia Raymond, Bryn Mahr, Stanford Law
· David Chambils, Princeton
· Norman Koch, Rabbi
· Jedd Fuhrman, MIT, PHD, researcher @ Woodshole
· Holly Raider, Emory, Columbia, PHD
· Laura Grossfield, Brown, Yale Law
· Brian Cohen, Syracus, MIT, Pubic Policy Consultant
· Todd Robishaud, University of Chicago, Michigan Law
· Carrol Berrigan, University of Chicago, Public Policy Consultant
· Bob Baca, Cornell, PHD, environmental specialist
· Rich Handler, Washington U Medical School
· Sameer Asher, Harvard Law
· David Myers, Virginia, UVA Law
· Phil Reudi, Michigan, University of Chicago, noted as one of the nation’s finest fund managers
· Jeremy Bailenson, Northwestern, post-doctoral work in cognitive sciences
· Allan Grossfield, Cornell, Johns Hopkins
· Liz Santucci, Southeast Asian Director of Habitats for Humanities
· Josh Lubarsky, West Point
· Patrick Finnigan, Northwestern, University of Chicago Law
· Vic Tabak, Emory, college national debate champion
· Neil Abramhson, Cornell
· Michael Cole, Cornell
· Marianne O’Toole, Pace Law, U.S. Attorney
· Tom Magnani, Berkeley Law
· Jeff Berman, U Penn Law
· Christian Brunelli, Harvard
· Gregg Beeber, Air Force, pilot
· Gary Johns, Harvey Mudd, research physicist
· Jim Wilson, PHD Harvard, Yale Law
· Rhada Ingyar, PHD MIT, economics
· John, PHD, Georgetown National Security Studies Professor